Magnolia Beauty


The Magnolia Trees: Beauty to Behold

Many types of trees and plants exist in today's world. If they were all to be counted and named, as well as re-named, the whole world would perhaps not be able to contain such a written list or book on the subject matter at hand. Thus, one must focus on one at a time and truly enjoy the beauty and details of that one in particular. In this instance, we focus on one---magnolias. They are a special beauty, and you will never find two exactly alike in any place that you go to. As such, they truly are one-of-a-kind.


Where to Get Them

Magnolia trees generally come in all shapes and sizes, and range in all forms of treatment and growth. They may be found anywhere on the planet, yet they generally tend to bloom and grow in the South. They may be purchased at any local grocery store or even online. Their seeds may be purchased and planted in one's own home garden as well. The options are truly endless. To know more click on Dankeschšnk.



 A Couple of Types

There are many, many types of magnolia trees by name and location. To focus on just a few, we begin with the Evergreen Magnolia. It is a state flower in the South, particularly in Louisiana and Mississippi. Known to be synonymous with the larger and more popularly known Magnolia Grandiflora, it is the classic magnolia of the south. The Magnolia Grandiflora is enormous and glossy with a fragrant blossom of white. It stands apart when seen.


The Evergreen Magnolia's leaves grow and fall all throughout the year. The Magnolia Grandiflora's leaves do so as well. Both trees require a bigger garden with more space. Both trees may grow up to 40ft in width.

Why not Buy a Magnolia Tree to say Dankeschönk


Why not buy a magnolia tree to say dankeschönk

Do you need to say dankeschönk to someone who did something nice for you? Have you been trying to figure out a way of saying it that is a little bit more unique than just a bunch of flowers or a basket of fruit?


If so, have you thought about buying a magnolia tree to say dankeschönk?


Why a magnolia tree is a great way to say thank you -- When it comes to buying unique gifts, there is nothing more unique than a magnolia tree. Not only are the beautiful to look at, are easy to take care of and can be planted in any garden, they are affordable as well.


In fact, when you can buy a magnolia tree for under 25 euros, and have it delivered for only a little bit more, why would you choose anything else?


Where to buy a magnolia tree -- Saying Dankeschšnk with a magnolia tree is easy, especially when it comes to buying it. That is because there are several online sites that sell these trees, and can ship one out to the person you wish to thank in just a few hours.


Just choose the size of tree you wish to buy, give them the delivery address and the name of the person you are thanking and pay. The tree will be shipped soon after. You can even include a gift card if you like, thus making the dankeschönk very special indeed.


Instructions for care -- The company will send instructions about caring for the tree with the tree itself. For a nice additional touch, however, you could also buy them a book about magnolia trees so that, when they receive their own tree, they can read up on how to best take care of it.


Magnolienbaum - The Company and Its Mission


The Philosophy

The objective of Magnolienbaum, or the Magnolia tree is one of the unique saplings that the Schenk ein Baeumchen Tree company offers. Centered around a unique gifting philosophy, the effort has been a big hit. As a gift for special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays or other festivities, the gift of life is celebrated with a sapling magnolia tree.

The Gift Advantage

Planting a tree is an age-old tradition of tree planting at special events in life occur. A birth, a promotion or marriage are all life-changing occasions, and worthy of the gift of a sapling tree. The gift typifies a milestone in one's life journey and is appropriate according to the situation. The appropriate gift is wrapped with a special ornamental touch with an enclosed explanation in regard to the tree's symbolism.

The Magnoliebbum Tree

The Magnolieblum, or Magnolia tree is known for its remarkable flowers which are cup-shaped, very large and which have a wonderful, sweet smell. The essence of the Magnolia is a very desired ingredient for perfumes all over the world. The best spot for a young Magnolia tree is in an area that is protected and well-drained.

Planting of The Gift Tree

Since the tree comes as a sapling, there are some tips as far as its planting. The sapling is shipped to the recipient in a pot. The young tree should never be planted in cold weather when the ground is frozen. It should not be planted in soil that is very dry or wet either. If possible, one should plant the sapling on a sunlit day in the garden. The place should be moist and cool when planting.

Species of Trees Available

Schenk ein Baeumchen offers several species of trees available for purchase and gifts. Birch, apple, fig, Ginko Biloba, Orange, Olive, Magnolia, and Laurel trees are among those available.

More Reasons For Sending Trees

There are many occasions that step up to being worthy of the receipt of a gift tree. Such happy days as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, baptisms, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Engagements, retirement, promotions, get well and anniversaries certainly fit the definition of worthy.

Customer Response

As can be imagined, customer satisfaction is exceptionally good. When you consider that trees of all kinds can be purchased just about anywhere, the special tie to the gifting of trees makes these trees special. With the terrific concept of giving which signifies a celebration of life, people have bought into the idea. There are always enthusiastic responses from happy and extraordinarily pleased customers. When the applause comes in it is usually about how unusually pleased the customers are.


Marcus and Mirella Wind, the owners of Schenk ein Baumchen came up with the gifting of the tree concept when Mirella visited some friends, and she was shown a gift they had, which was a sapling tree. The gift was to the friend's daughter and it was expressed what an unusual and meaningful gift it was. The Winds have turned that simple concept into a valid and well-received business idea which has been an astounding success.

You may also see Dankeschönk for more information.

Trees Add a Unique Beauty to Any Environment


Humanity has a connection to nature


The term man versus nature is used fairly often within literary circles. And it's certainly true that this is an important and often exciting genre. But people have a tendency to forget that they actually are as much a part of the natural world as anything else. It's easy to forget that when one lives among large towering buildings and frantic races on the highway. But this is also why it's important to occasionally stop and smell the roses. And this isn't just a metaphorical statement. It really is important to take a moment every once and a while to smell the beautiful scents of nature and gaze on the amazing colors it can provide. There's good reason why so many perfumes try to borrow from various flowers. Nature's beauty is just something which often can't be matched. And sometimes there's little need to. It's actually quite easy to begin cultivating areas of natural beauty within one's own home. A small garden might be limited in size, but it can produce unlimited beauty.


The right tree for a garden


A garden should showcase one's individual taste. But at the same time there's some favorites which almost everyone will want to consider for their garden. For example, a magnolia tree is one of the best possible choices for a garden's centerpiece. The main reason is that it will bring about almost everything people love about nature. It has a beautiful pink shaded flower. This color scheme is the perfect complementary tone for other types of flowering plant. But beyond that it also has an amazing scent which is more than a match for even the highest quality perfumes. And like the colors, the scent is also something which blends wonderfully with almost any other within the garden. This makes it the perfect addition, and something any visitor will greet with what they call in Germany a hearty Dankeschön.