Magnolienbaum - The Company and Its Mission


The Philosophy

The objective of Magnolienbaum, or the Magnolia tree is one of the unique saplings that the Schenk ein Baeumchen Tree company offers. Centered around a unique gifting philosophy, the effort has been a big hit. As a gift for special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays or other festivities, the gift of life is celebrated with a sapling magnolia tree.

The Gift Advantage

Planting a tree is an age-old tradition of tree planting at special events in life occur. A birth, a promotion or marriage are all life-changing occasions, and worthy of the gift of a sapling tree. The gift typifies a milestone in one's life journey and is appropriate according to the situation. The appropriate gift is wrapped with a special ornamental touch with an enclosed explanation in regard to the tree's symbolism.

The Magnoliebbum Tree

The Magnolieblum, or Magnolia tree is known for its remarkable flowers which are cup-shaped, very large and which have a wonderful, sweet smell. The essence of the Magnolia is a very desired ingredient for perfumes all over the world. The best spot for a young Magnolia tree is in an area that is protected and well-drained.

Planting of The Gift Tree

Since the tree comes as a sapling, there are some tips as far as its planting. The sapling is shipped to the recipient in a pot. The young tree should never be planted in cold weather when the ground is frozen. It should not be planted in soil that is very dry or wet either. If possible, one should plant the sapling on a sunlit day in the garden. The place should be moist and cool when planting.

Species of Trees Available

Schenk ein Baeumchen offers several species of trees available for purchase and gifts. Birch, apple, fig, Ginko Biloba, Orange, Olive, Magnolia, and Laurel trees are among those available.

More Reasons For Sending Trees

There are many occasions that step up to being worthy of the receipt of a gift tree. Such happy days as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, baptisms, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Engagements, retirement, promotions, get well and anniversaries certainly fit the definition of worthy.

Customer Response

As can be imagined, customer satisfaction is exceptionally good. When you consider that trees of all kinds can be purchased just about anywhere, the special tie to the gifting of trees makes these trees special. With the terrific concept of giving which signifies a celebration of life, people have bought into the idea. There are always enthusiastic responses from happy and extraordinarily pleased customers. When the applause comes in it is usually about how unusually pleased the customers are.


Marcus and Mirella Wind, the owners of Schenk ein Baumchen came up with the gifting of the tree concept when Mirella visited some friends, and she was shown a gift they had, which was a sapling tree. The gift was to the friend's daughter and it was expressed what an unusual and meaningful gift it was. The Winds have turned that simple concept into a valid and well-received business idea which has been an astounding success.

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